The annual seminar of Océalia for the Livestock Hub.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

The annual seminar of the Océalia Livestock Group (Océalia, ALICOOP, Durepaire, Soleo and Lely Center de Granzay Gript) was successfully held. The focus was on the perspective of livestock markets by 2030, exploring upcoming challenges and opportunities, as well as ongoing projects.

We would like to thank our exceptional speakers, AXEL RETALI and Eon de Chezelles Beatrice, experts in the Agricultural and Agri-Food sectors at Groupe Crédit Agricole SA. Our thanks also go to Olivier Aubert, Managing Director T'RHÉA and Pascal NOWAK, key participants in this seminar, for their insightful economic analyses on the agri-agro market and sectoral development.