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Innovation in nutrition, the heart of our business

With the post-farrowing feed from the EKIP range, your sows have a secure digestive transit and good tonicity during farrowing, reducing piglet stillbirths.

A granulometry of feed adapted to each physiological stage that allows:

triangleVert-en  Securing digestive transit in pregnant sows with the incorporation of coarse particles made possible by flattened barley

triangleVert-en  Rapid digestion of nutrients for lactating sows, piglets, and finishing pigs with a finer grind.

Programme Ekip truies

Ekip sow program

A highly precise recommendation for the feeding of gestating sows thanks to a dynamic monitoring tool of the herd's body condition and computer software that allows for dietary programs to be established based on the type of genetics, performance objectives, and housing conditions.


A high-concentration lactating sow feed to maximize lactation and exceed 100 kg of weaned litter weight (weaning at 28 days).

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Feed your piglets safely with our EKIP piglet range

First age, second age, and post-weaning feeds are available to meet the needs of your piglets according to their physiological stage

Programme Ekip porcelets

Ekip piglet program

Personalize your post-weaning feeding program: choose the level of nutritional intake and the type of digestive security adapted to the health status of your farm and your performance objectives.

Porcs charcutiers

EKIP range, tailored feed for your fattening pigs

To achieve your performance goals, ALICOOP offers with the EKIP CHARCUTIER range specific products and feeding plans for optimal fattening of your fattening pigs.

Programme Ekip porcs charcutiers

EKIP program for fattening pigs

ALICOOP offers the implementation of sequenced feeding programs for finishing pigs. With EKIP, we aim to raise awareness among farmers about the benefits of the Nurture - Growth - Finishing 1 and 2 programs in finishing.


This precision feeding method prevents nutrient waste and thus reduces the pollutant load of effluents.