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DESTRIER range: A different look at feed

ALICOOP and its partner cooperatives manufacture and distribute the DESTRIER range of feed for the Poitou-Charentes and Limousin regions.

The ALICOOP manufacturing site, located in Pas de Jeu (79), is certified by independent authorities with the RCNA (Animal Nutrition Certification Standard) and STNE (Equine Nutrition Technical Standard) accreditations. These accreditations ensure that all means are implemented to guarantee the loyalty, traceability, and sanitary safety of the manufacture of horse food.

Your commercial contacts in the region are:

Poitou-Charentes - Limousin
Nicolas Descharles
06 30 03 51 73



DESTRIER range: Feeds and dietary supplements for your horses.

Efficient and safe, DESTRIER feeds are suitable for all your horses. Breeding horses, leisure horses, ponies, old horses, competition horses, there is necessarily a suitable DESTRIER feed.

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