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ALTI NATIV GO Range (Ovine Generation)

ALTI NATIV is a product specifically designed for your pregnant ewes.


It is a complementary feed specially formulated to meet the needs of the ewe at the end of gestation and the lambs (colostrum).


This feed contains a mineral and vitamin supplement as well as extruded flax seeds (essential Omega 3).

Mineral, nutritional, complementary, and natural solutions

triangleVert-en  Minerals to cover the needs of your ewes with confidence during critical periods.

triangleVert-en  Nutritional products for well-being and health.

triangleVert-en  Natural active ingredients, extracted from plants and essential oils.

ACTIV’LIT is a hygienic straw litter with a complex of selected bacteria in micronized flour pellets for your lambing.

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Ovins agneaux au nourrisseur

GO EXPERTO range GO (Ovine Generation)

GO EXPERTO is a complete feed for the fattening of your lambs. It contains extruded flax seeds (Omega 3) as well as sainfoin (functional food).

This feed is supplemented with trace elements and vitamins, with a blend of plant extracts and mineral salts (urine acidification, essential during the finishing phase of lambs).

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GO PACK TOTAL is a unique feed for straw-free lamb fattening that maximizes their growth! Discover it now by contacting your ALICOOP advisor.

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