Chèvres en lactation

Discover our feeding programs for your goat breeding

Programme caprins Verdis

The Verdis, our innovations that have become essential

CUB Technology feeds (30 mm cubes), composed of a mixture of raw materials and minerals and fibers.

BOX Technology feeds (25 mm cylindrical caps), composed of a mixture of compacted raw materials and fibers.

Programme caprins Chevry

Our Chevry programs

PACK Technology feeds (8mm caps) composed of compacted raw materials.


CONVENTIONAL feeds of 4 mm for traditional rations.


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Chèvres taries
Programme caprins  Prépalac

Specific Prepalac Program

Complete program designed for goats to succeed in the pre-calving preparation and the beginning of lactation.


Ensures good coverage of the nutritional needs of the goat and its kids, digestive safety and enhanced palatability.

Programme caprins Cub Gesti

Innovative Cub Gesti Program

An all-in-one complete feed from the VERDI CUB program, specifically formulated to ensure optimal preparation for birth and successful lactation initiation.

Élevage de chevrettes

Alicoop growth program Simple and effective

To achieve the weight target, ALICOOP offers a 4-phase program including first age and growth feed adapted to the growth needs and constraints of breeding.

Programme caprins Cabrilit Capridor

Nutritional solutions, complementary and natural

A healthy bedding for healthy kids with CABR'ILIT (CAPRI D'OR 2016 at CAPRINOV). Granules made of straw fibers, ultra-absorbent to maintain a dry and healthy bedding for more than 70 days.


Nutritional for well-being and health, natural active ingredients (plant extracts and essential oils), personalized programs and support for demedication.

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