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Our services and expertise

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• Personalized feeding programs (Rationing, analysis of your forages and cereals, forage balances, and specific programs adapted to your husbandry system)

• Husbandry management advice

• Implementation of innovative feeding programs

• Technical-economic monitoring and farm operation management

• Overall analysis of the farm operations

• Technical-economic monitoring and development of decision-making tools

• Support in sustainable approaches: animal welfare, demedication, respect for the environment...

• Proximity to husbandry industry stakeholders




Connections and partnerships with the links in the husbandry industry chain
Knowledge and partnerships in husbandry Equipment.

Proposal of a complete range of products and services integrating an agronomic, zootechnical, and economic approach to meet all producer’s expectations.

Our services and expertise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



R&D service
Economic service and connected tools

In support of ALICOOP advisors, the R&D Service with the nutrition-health and connection and economic service poles ensures:

Ongoing bibliographic monitoring on zootechnics, animal health, alternative methods, and new agricultural technologies
Fundamental and applied research on husbandry issues
Development of new innovative products/services to meet the challenges of your husbandry
Update of technical and economic benchmarks
Provision, support, and analysis through connected tools of improvement levers for your husbandry
Facilitation with your advisors during open farms and farmer testimonials
Interface and regular exchanges with husbandry partners (cooperatives, dairies, Soléo, producer organizations...)

Service Formulation


ALICOOP's Formulation Service develops feed for different animal species:

A fine understanding of the nutritional needs and regulations for your husbandry animals
 Over 800 feeds are managed and tailored to the performance, well-being, and good health of your husbandry animal
Feeds are composed of rigorously selected, controlled, and traced raw materials: cereals (wheat, barley, corn), protein crops (rapeseed, sunflower, regional and imported soy), fibers (alfalfa, pulp, beet), minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. Over 70% of our feeds are referenced under quality specifications such as LABEL - AOP - NON-GMO - BBC
Respect for consumer expectations

The formulation service by your side ensures the development of feed recipes adapted to each animal to meet your production objectives at fair costs.


Procurement department
Purchasing department

Close collaboration with raw material suppliers to ensure regular supply to factories at the best price, take advantage of market opportunities while respecting specific quality requirements.

 We attach great importance to the procurement of raw materials that make up our feed:

All our suppliers are either GMP - CSA GTP - FCA - fami QS certified.

All our carriers are QUALIMAT transport certified.

All our raw materials have their own specifications (for example, regional origin for cereals, nutritional quality, and food safety).



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Quality and Safety Service

Within the QUALITY AND SAFETY department, ALICOOP has a laboratory for the control of raw material reception to the delivery of finished products.

All raw materials and finished products undergo physicochemical, microbiological, or bacteriological controls according to specified analysis programs.
Two samples for raw materials (RM) and finished products (FP) have a minimum storage of 6 months for samples.
ALICOOP guarantees controlled, high-quality products for your livestock with optimal traceability.

Environment Service

With the activity of the Environment Service, ALICOOP first focused on the impact of its sites with:

The compliance of the 5 sites with environmental regulatory standards (updating of ICPE files, implementation of environmental requirements)

• The search for positions/activities that are the most resource-intensive and/or have the greatest potential for savings, with the implementation of a counting plan.
The implementation of several investments to reduce dust emissions (sleeve filters), noise pollution, electricity and gas consumption (more efficient compressors, speed variators, insulation)

The implementation and regular monitoring of numerous dashboards (energy consumption, waste monitoring, water consumption)
The implementation of good environmental practices: waste sorting and recovery, use of double-sided printing, priority use of email instead of fax, turning off lights during prolonged absences, optimization of deliveries.

Then ALICOOP focuses on the impact of its activity with:

• On the Pamproux site, the planting of trees as well as the installation of 3 beehives to promote biodiversity, reduce the impact on climate change, and preserve resources.
• The study and implementation of tests on the replacement of palm oil, partly responsible for deforestation in South America and Indonesia.
The implementation of dairy cow feed formulas to reduce enteric methane emissions that contribute to climate change.

The study to formulate foods with raw materials having minimal impact on climate change.
The study and implementation of tests to develop production sectors such as sainfoin, regional soybean, lupine, and alfalfa to ensure regional protein self-sufficiency.
Minimal use of medicines to preserve health and biodiversity.

In 2015, ALICOOP focused on its energy consumption with:

Adapting its 14001 system to the 50001 standard
The search for the most resource-intensive positions/activities and/or those with the greatest potential for savings, with the implementation of a counting plan,
Investing in more efficient compressors, the implementation of variable speed drives, and the implementation of insulating mattresses.

Orders and Billing Services
Production, Delivery, and Transportation Services

The Orders and Billing Services are at your disposal, available and in constant contact with your cooperatives, ALICOOP factories, production services, delivery, and transportation services to deliver your products to your farms in the best possible time for your animals.

The feed is mainly delivered in bulk trucks (with screw and blower), but our feed and other products are also available in bags, such as nutritional products, minerals, and specialties.

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