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Discover our feeding programs for your dairy cows

Programme vaches laitières Verdi

The Verdis, our innovations become essential

CUB Technology feeds (30 mm cubes) made of a mixture of raw materials, minerals, and fibers.

BOX Technology feeds (25 mm cylindrical caps) made of a mixture of compacted raw materials and fibers.

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Programme vaches laitières Verdi MEL MIX

Our tailor-made and personalized feed with VERDI à la carte, VERDI MEL, and VERDI MIX.

VERDI MEL and MIX are both:

triangleVert-en  a specific and customizable supplementation,

triangleVert-en  a mixture of raw materials with fibers (MIX) or without (MEL),

triangleVert-en  a nutritional complementation tailored to the needs of animals,

triangleVert-en  an all-in-one product to simplify work and save time.


Our ENVY range to feed your dairy cows

With our ENVY range (4mm pellets) and ENVYPACK range (8mm caps), feed your dairy cows with confidence with ALICOOP

Some products in the ENVY range are guaranteed "Non-GMO*" to meet the requirements of your specifications.

*We make every effort to ensure that the ingredients, considered individually, contain less than 0.9% GMOs incidentally.

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Programme vaches laitières VERDI BALL TARIE

VERDI BALL TARIE specific programme

A complete all-in-one feeding program for dry cows to succeed in their calving preparation and optimal lactation start.

Ensures proper coverage of the nutritional needs of the dairy cow, digestive safety, and enhanced palatability.

Award-winning dry cow program at the 3R (Rencontre Recherche Ruminants)


Mineral, Nutritional, Complementary, and Natural Solutions

triangleVert-en  Minerals like those in the ALIMINE range to confidently meet the needs of your lactating cows.

triangleVert-en  Nutritional solutions for well-being and health.

triangleVert-en  Natural active ingredients, extracted from plants and essential oils.

triangleVert-en  Customized programs and support for demedication.

Vaches laitières génisse

NEOS range for simple and efficient growth of your heifers.

Use NEOS FLOC, a 1st age feed from ALICOOP specially formulated for young ruminants like your dairy heifers.

For heifers that grow well, choose products from the NEOS range with ALICOOP.

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Nutritional, complementary, and natural solutions.

ACTIV'LIT is a hygienic straw litter with a complex of selected bacteria in micronized flour pellets for your animals.

triangleVert-en  Nutritional for well-being and health.

triangleVert-en  Natural active ingredients, extracted from plants and essential oils.

triangleVert-en  Personalized programs and support for  demedication.

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