The history of the cooperative

SICA SA ALICOOP was created in 1988 as a result of the desire of the Deux Sévriennes cooperatives to develop a competitive animal feed industry.

These were then joined by the other cooperatives of Poitou-Charentes and Limousin; they were able to federate in ALICOOP for the interest of the breeders and contribute to the development of the regional agricultural heritage.

Under the impetus of its Board of Directors, its Founder President Pierre SOURISSEAU until July 2007, and his successor Philippe ROGEON, ALICOOP has always maintained a guiding principle:

  • triangleVert-en Serve the interests of farmers​,
  • triangleVert-en Contribute to the development of regional animal production.
Alicoop Pamproux
Les dates clés d’Alicoop
1988 Creation of ALICOOP and acquisition of the Pamproux (79) factory by CAPSUD, FAYE/ARDIN, SEVRE & BELLE, GATINE, BOCAGE, COOPANOR and VAL de SEVRE.

Acquisition of PROXIMA (Poitiers factory) owned by the cooperatives COPAR (87), CAC (16), COOP MONTBRON (16), OCEANE (17), SYNTONIE (17), COZES (17) and UNCAA (75).


Merger of COPAR and AGRICREUSE to form NATEA (23).

Acquisition by ALICOOP of the AGRICREUSE plant in Parsac (23).
Merger of OCEANE and SYNTONIE to form SYNTEANE.
2003 Merger of CAPSUD and CIVRAY-CHIVES.

Acquisition of the Civray plant (86).

POITOURAINE and GLAC dairy companies enter into ALICOOP's capital.
2008 Merger of CIVRAY-CAPSUD, USSON du POITOU to form COREA Poitou-Charentes.
2010 Merger of CAC and SYNTEANE to form  CHARENTES ALLIANCE.
2012 Acquisition of the SAS SAFCAB (79).
2014 Acquisition of the EVIALIS factory in Maillezais (85). Involvement in the pork industry. ALICOOP's entry into the capital of SCEA de l'Aubergère, which owns 2 production workshops.

Merger of Coréa and Charente-Alliance to form Océalia.


Creation of SCEA LE MIGNON (79), a production company subsidiary of ALICOOP and SCEA de l'Aubergère.


Acquisition of a stake in the investment fund SOLEO DEVELOPPEMENT




Merger of OCEALIA and NATEA